Multiple Videos from One Production Session

Cost Saving Social Media Video Marketing Tip

We are always looking for ways to offer lower cost to our clients by finding some economy of scale when producing video. One of the best strategies we have found is to create multiple videos during one video production session.

Here are three case histories where we were able to accomplish this goal.

Though we are based in Chicago, these projects were produced in conjunction with our client who provides travel information for visitors to Door County Wisconsin across multiple communication and social media platforms.

Case 1

Liberty Square

In this first case we recorded the business owner giving a tour of her multi-use retail facility. The tour took about one hour of shooting time, about an hour of cutaways and about an hour of technical setups and adjustments. Resulting in roughly a three hour session.

After editing we were able to produce three feature segments that showcases the subjects two restaurants and retail store. In addition there is one full longer version that provided content for our Chicago cable TV program “A Peek Inside the Door” and a trimmed version for the company’s own use.

Case 2

DC Candy

In the second case we recorded the business owner speaking about his personal business journey as well as describing details of his his various products. The session length was about 2.5 to 3 hours total shooting time. In this example we were able to extrapolate about 14 shorter videos ideal for social media use as well as a few slightly longer feature spots and a longer version to be used as content for a second “Peek Inside the Door” episode.

There can be a substantial production cost savings when shooting multiple videos if you can shoot them all in one session, then examine the content to see how many segments you can produce in post-production. This is something we do very well.

Case 3

Egg Harbor Fun Park

For this client we produced six short videos each featuring a different aspect of their amusement park.

From the same production session we also produced six social media graphics the client could use to post on twitter, facebook, etc to stay top of mind and provide additional social media content.

Video for Personal Service Providers

We take a similar approach with speakers and subject matter experts, shooting a lot of video in one session then extracting a number videos from that session.

Screen shot of Richard Damien Youtube channel