Wireless 1 Marketing and Reno Lovison Marketing Video Production Alliance

We are happy to have created an alliance with Wireless 1 Marketing to provide quality, affordable video production service that will help you create and / or edit video assets for your digital TV channel.

Here are a few examples of videos we can customize to fit your needs.

This is an example of a reminder to have your faith based community members download your app.

This format can utilize a video you provide which we will insert into the smartphone graphic or we can create a video message for you.

The information on the left can be changed to include your logo and message.


This example is what we use on our Authors Showcase program to introduce people to our App.

We can do the same for you utilizing screenshots from your app and showing the benefits.


Wireless1 Marketing has created an App for members of the Georgia State Senate to help them stay in contact with their constituents.

We created this video for the Georgia Senators to use to introduce the App functions to their community members.



This video was produced to promote the mobile App for a Door County Wisconsin travel website.
We can do this for you with your own custom background and using essentially the same script featuring one of our professional spokespersons or a video you provide.

Here is a very simple shorter version with voice-over only and no on-camera spokesperson.

This is a short video that can be customize to let your viewers know that your channel is available on Roku.

Check out some of our other intros, outros and transitions we can provide for you.

Fill out the form below and give us some idea of your needs so that we can create a custom quote.