Video Views Not All About the Numbers

Man-With-Target-Market-Sign-47477614When judging success regarding your video it is not all about the numbers or going viral.

Big brands want to produce video that gets shared and viewed by tens of thousands of people. Of course that is fun and exciting; but most small businesses only need their video to be seen by a targeted group of people who are in a position to engage with their product or service, typically on a local level.

My position about video and marketing in general is not about big numbers it is about laser targeting. If you as an entrepreneur or small business owner can get your message in front of someone who is ready and willing to purchase what you have to offer, and your video or other marketing device helps them to make a decision to buy – – that is a success. It is not a success to get your message in front of thousands of people who are not in a position to do business with you. The goal of the exercise is converting prospects to clients or customers. So if your website video gets 10 viewers and five of them engage with you, that is a much bigger success than having hundreds of people watch a video and be entertained, but they are not in a position to buy.

The take away message is have great content (including video) on your website and do everything you can to drive high value prospects to your website where they can consume the content needed to make a decision to profitably engage.