Video Social Media Marketing Strategy

Here is one way to create an effective video social media marketing strategy. The task here was to create several videos that would provide multiple points of entry to the client’s website. The objective is to promote the brand while enhancing the client’s youtube channel presence, and improve overall search engine optimization (SEO) through social media interaction. In this case, at the point of this writing, we have 10 videos in the series with more to come.

The playlist presented is the essence of a campaign we created for called “Door County Making Memories”. The idea of this project is to sell the beauty of Door County as a vacation destination and to impress Midwest travelers with the idea that this a memorable place to go with your friends, family, and/or your significant other, but more importantly to position as a resource for Door County destination travel information.

The average length of each video production is under 20 seconds making these perfect for sharing via social media such as Facebook and twitter. The headline and other type location is fairly consistent on each video to further promote brand recognition and not distract the viewer from the visual. We want to draw the viewer into the experience and make her feel like she is there or wants to be there. Likewise the original ambient sound is used or no sound at all to further concentrate the viewer’s attention on the simple message and further promote the natural tranquility of the destination.

Youtube is currently the second largest search engine. Presenting this collection as multiple videos on Youtube also means that there there is a greater possibility of getting one of the client’s videos as a search result when searching the keywords “Door County” thereby enhancing SEO. In this case the client definitely owns the search phrase “Door County Memories” with 10 out of the first 20 results being the videos in this series.

Part of a good social media strategy includes doling out consistent relevant information to your fan base and prospects. What series of short tips or visual impressions might provide value to your clients, enhance your social media presence and improve your search engine optimization?