Video Production

The Internet is rapidly transitioning to a video platform. Every minute there is more and more video being uploaded and more and more video being watched. Given the choice many people would rather that you just take a minute or so to explain to them, what it is you do, and why they should do it with you.

Because of the simultaneous explosion in smart phones with pretty decent cameras and laptops and tablets, also camera equipped, it is quite easy for anyone to produce a video (even if it is a predictable talking head). But we can kick it up a notch and give you a little more production value, better branding and clarity of message while providing your viewer with a better experience. is positioned to provide short effective, low priced videos using many of the same techniques used by big budget production studios. We understand the needs of solopreneurs, small businesses and local service providers. The fact is you need help and you need it affordable. Maybe you can do some of the work yourself or maybe you want us to take the whole load off of your hands. Either way we are here to help. From scripting to delivery we can interpret your project and deliver it at a price you can afford.

Take some time to look over some of the diverse projects we have completed. Then let’s talk about what you are trying to communicate and how video can add value to your message.