Video Ideas for Writers, Authors & PR Practitioners

Seminar Presented by Reno Lovison

Some ideas on how to use video to extend your message and promote your practice if you are a professional writer, public relations practitioner or author. This is a short 12 minute video¬† excerpt of a 90 minute program “Beyond the Printed Word” presented for the Midwest Writers Association at the Skokie Library. The presentation included examples of how other similar professionals are using video to enhance their book promotions, articles, press releases, and blogs. The seminar provided some production advice for those producing their own video. Attendees shot b-roll during the program to see first hand how cutaways can enhance the finished production by adding interest and variety to the visual content. You can see additional examples of book trailers and learn abut book trailer production at our sister site

Contact the presenter, Reno Lovison here if you would like to consider a similar seminar / workshop for your group or organization.

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