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Public Speaker Promotional Video Production

If you are a public speaker or presenter this is an example of how we can take a few excerpts from your live presentation together with your PowerPoint slides (if applicable) and combine it with a prepared voice over to create a nice promotional video production that will provide meeting planners and other potential prospects with an idea of the material you will cover as well as a taste of your presentation style. A video  like any of these is a must have for every professional public speaker.

The public relations director for speaker and former NFL player Dr. Robert Watts provided me with a number of video clips that I edited and assembled in to the promo video below.

In the sample below the speaker provided us with a few clips and his biographical information to produce this promotional video.

In this sample we used excerpts from a keynote address to sample the speaker’s message.

Professional Speaker / Trainer Video Production

The PR director for this California based author and leadership coach provided me with a number of video clips and DVDs. It was my task to utilize these assets to fashion a story, write a script and use my voice-over to present Dr. Watts as speaker and trainer. In this case the segment of him dancing…

Speaker & Trainer Expert Package

Below are a few examples of our Subject Mater Expert Video Production Package. This option is ideal for speakers, trainers, authors, coaches, advisers, councilors and others who are expert at what they do and want to share that knowledge. We take a documentary approach by having you speak extemporaneously for about an hour on your…

We Are More Than Video Production

You can find and hire any number of video production companies with cameras and equipment to capture your content. In fact you might be thinking that you can shoot a video yourself. But we are more than simply a production company. With over 25 years of marketing experience we provide a complete video communication strategy package from concept to web display. We help you craft your message and refine your delivery so that you present a clear concise message that will produce the results you desire.

“I prefer a natural approach to video” says Reno Lovison, Executive Producer. “I want you to sound like a real person having a conversation with the viewer. I will help you achieve that authentic tone and listen to be sure you are answering the questions and providing the information your web visitors need in order to make a decision to do business with you, buy your product or otherwise engage with you and/or you company.”

Watch some of our video samples, read about our marketing services, then give a call or send an email to begin a conversation about your project and our communication needs.

Speaker Keynote Video Production

This is an example of a speaker keynote video summary. This speaker gave a 48 minute presentation that we then edited down to a 15 minute summary which tightened up the content and created a branded video he can use as a sample of the kind of material he presents and a sample of his…

Professional Speaker Bio Video

“You did ask me to trust you………. and I said I will….  and I can’t Thank you enough Reno …… I thank God he has sent you our way. I want someone who is passionate  and can see what other don’t and you do that for me.” – Pastor Cory Pariseau

This client video is produced for an out-of-town client who sent me his bio and number of visual assets including some “iPhone” videos and a number of still shots as well as an overview of the message he wanted to convey. I told Pastor Cory, “There are many video producers who know how to edit and are happy to assemble information in whatever order you want it assembled. What I do is video marketing production, using over 25 years of marketing experience to help my clients tell a compelling story.

Multi-Media Motion Graphics Video

This is an example of a video that uses voice-over, music and motion graphics, rather than live video to introduce viewers to the company’s speaker’s bureau and training services. This approach is ideal for web based businesses and companies who prefer no to use on camera talent.