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How to Repurpose Blog Posts and Find Social Media Opportunities | Content Creation

An effective strategy to utilize social media begins with content creation. One way to tackle this task is to find a newsworthy story or topic and see how many ways you can repurpose it. Begin with the “long form” content first. That is usually an article or a blog post.  The number one rule is to write as naturally as possible.
Start with your core story. This can be an experience you had, a case history, or some useful information you want to share.

Social Media Outros

This is a nice Outro ( or intro) that encourages your video viewers to engage with you on social media. Consider adding something like this to the end of all of your videos. We can make it for you.

This video is specifically designed to encourage people to engage with you on LinkedIN. It can be added to the end of a promotional video production or used as a standalone. When I am networking I encourage new people I have met to connect with me at LinkedIn and this video is small enough to email.

When Good Social Media Marketing Goes Bad.

When creating social media buzz, be sure you are well positioned for people to know who you are, what you do, where you do it and how they can connect with you. Don’t let your social media effort take a bad turn. I was just completing my Monday morning social media perusal of Facebook and…

Video Social Media Marketing Strategy

Here is one way to create an effective video social media marketing strategy. The task here was to create several videos that would provide multiple points of entry to the client’s website. The objective is to promote the brand while enhancing the client’s youtube channel presence, and improve overall search engine optimization (SEO) through social…

Trade Show Conference Video Production | Chicago | Romantic & Erotic Book Fair

This trade show conference video production features authors and exhibitors at the 2014 Romantic & Erotic Book Fair in Chicago. The video was produced by RenoWeb for AuthorsBroadCast.com as content for the “Authors Showcase” TV program broadcast weekly on Chicago cable channel 25.

Producing similar video for your trade show, conference or convention can “extend the experience” of your event by allowing you to share highlights with those who were unable to attend and by creating newsworthy content that you and your exhibitors can share with your email list and social media contacts.

Call Reno Lovison at (773) 989-1960 to find out how we can help you at your next event, large or small. We are based in Chicago which makes us a perfect choice for Chicagoland or Midwest events.