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Karawane | Music Performance With Artistic Video Enhancement

This music video production was another enjoyable opportunity to work with flutist, composer and performance artist Janice Misurell-Mitchell. The piece is based on the poem, “Karawane” (or Caravan), written and originally performed by Da Da poet Hugo Ball in February, 1916 at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich; it is considered one of the first sound poems. Janice…

Music video production Chicago

Music performance video production shot at the Roots Room in Chicago. We used two cameras and shot the song multiple times from various angles while the musician performed along to a pre-recorded track for synchronization. In post-production we added some additional visuals, lyrics and lighting effects. This is a perfect solution for a small budget demo, shot in one session and in one location.

Reno did an outstanding job putting together a music video for me for a good price. His work is very creative and emotionally resonant. He’s also a good guy and a pleasure to work. He was available to work quickly, and he delivered a final product within two days! I would highly recommend. -Brian J

Violinist iPhone Promo Video

This is a situation where the client had a few videos that were shot by someone attending an event where he was performing as a strolling violinist. He wanted to include the videos on his website to demonstrate himself “in action.” His first problem was the videos were shot in .MOV format which is difficult…

Band Performance on Chicago Lakefront

Roots Rock Society Performing at Chicago Aquapalooza

This is an edited performance of one song performed at Chicago Aquapalooza by the “Roots Rock Society” who was hired as one of the opening acts for “The Endless Summer Band” featuring Al Jardine founding member of the Beach Boys. The band wanted to document the performance.

Songs from Broadway

A client hired me to record a performance called “Songs of Broadway” which he was presenting at a Chicago senior community. His experiment was to do a collection of popular songs which he sang a Capella and he wanted to be able to review how it came across and also have some video to use…