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Networking Business Card to Business

Company owner and executive producer Reno Lovison is an avid networker online and offline. As the author of “Turn Your Business Card Into Business – Fundamentals of Building Entrepreneurial Business Relationships”, Reno presents the humble business card as the essential tool for passing your contact information on to new prospects and potential JV partners. “People…

Expert Video Business Client

We have done a number of videos for this client including: two book video trailers; a company introduction video; an expert video package and number of email videos that the client sends to welcome a new customer or follow up with a new business contact. Below you will also find a short video of a…

Help for Talking Head Videos

This is an example of a rather routine video submitted by an out-of-state client. He basically recorded it looking into his laptop camera. I took his raw video and cropped it to minimize the distracting background. We then created a template or visual context for the video to play in, so that the viewer has more to look at than a boring “talking head”. The template also gives an area to display bullet points and reinforce the verbal message. Let me know if you have some talking-head video we can spruce up and give them a new life and give your message a better chance for success.