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Promo Video for Chicago Earth Day Event

Sue Baugh and book cover for Echoes of Eart

This is a very quick promo video utilizing a PDF flyer produced for a 2017 Earth Day event held at “Let Them Eat Chocolate” in Chicago and co-sponsored by AuthorsBroadCast.com. A good example of how we can help you create quick cost effective social media video for event promotion or other business promotion. *Graphics and…

Book Style Video Intro / Outro

This video intro / outro is a book style that unfolds to reveal your video or message. We can customize this video with your own logo or message ready for you to add to the beginning or end of any or all of your videos.

Graphic Novel Effect | Book Video Trailer |

This is not exactly an animation but rather an example of how we combined original artwork from the client and mixed it together with photographs that we cartooned to create a kind of graphic novel effect for this book trailer. You can see some more of our book video trailers at AuthorsBroadCast.com