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Karawane | Music Performance With Artistic Video Enhancement

This music video production was another enjoyable opportunity to work with flutist, composer and performance artist Janice Misurell-Mitchell. The piece is based on the poem, “Karawane” (or Caravan), written and originally performed by Da Da poet Hugo Ball in February, 1916 at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich; it is considered one of the first sound poems. Janice…

Edgewater Art Fair | Chicago

Promo for 2016 Edgewater Arts Festival This video is displayed as visual signage 24/7 in two storefront windows in the community to promote the 2016 event and is broadcast numerous times on Chicago cable channel 19. Musical Highlights from 2015 Festival  

Clash of Art & Commerce

This is a video produced for fun at the Ravenswood Artwalk in Chicago. The idea was to demonstrate the clash or maybe the merger of art and commerce. I asked a number random artists who I encountered to “Show me their business card”. As the author of “Turn Your Business Card Into Business” I thought it would be interesting to see how artists as entrepreneurs use business cards to promote the entrepreneurial aspect of their artistic activities. It’s also interesting because you can say that business cards are a visual medium so it is interesting to see how visual artists choose to represent themselves on these small “canvases.”