Speaker & Trainer Expert Package

Below are a few examples of our Subject Mater Expert Video Production Package. This option is ideal for speakers, trainers, authors, coaches, advisers, councilors and others who are expert at what they do and want to share that knowledge.

We take a documentary approach by having you speak extemporaneously for about an hour on your topic and your process. We then edit that session into 4 or 5 short videos that say who you are, what you do, what client’s can expect, or other useful marketing information. This is based on the premise that your potential clients would rather watch a number of shorter videos as opposed to one or two long videos. we also find that web visitors prefer to consume information in the order that makes sense to them, usually beginning with the topic that is of most interest or most important to them.

You will see that my style puts the speaker into a video context or framework that adds dimension to the production and uses graphics to reinforce the brand and the message. In this way we avoid the classic “talking head” video in favor of a video that provides more information value and creates a more stimulating visual experience.

Each of these examples includes a series of videos in sequence. When the current video ends another will begin:


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