Putting Your Video Into Context

Many businesses, service providers, and subject matter experts, have an abundance of content they need to explain to their audience themselves.

This typically results in what is commonly termed a “talking head video,” because the viewer usually only sees a head and shoulders shot of the person in the frame talking to the camera.

We can shoot these in our studio or in a client’s place of business but many times the clips are presented to us as a video the client has done themselves sitting in front of their laptop or camcorder resulting in an array of video quality.

The talking head is not in itself a bad thing. There are several professional examples of this presentation style, the most common being broadcast news.

News reporters are typically talking heads but good quality productions put the reporter into some visual context such as a news room. It is also common to see additional graphics inserted using a picture-in-picture effect, lower-third titles, news crawls as well as cut-aways of additional film or graphics that reinforce the content or advance the story.

At RenoWeb.net have developed a style of creating a template or visual context into which we place our client’s talking head videos. This makes the content more enjoyable to watch by giving the viewer more things to focus on other than only the presenter.The additional visual context also reinforces the message and the brand by highlighting key points and the company identity. Here are some examples.