Public Speaker Promotional Video Sample

This is a sample video for Sheila Glaszov’s “What Color is Your Project Manager’s Brain” in person presentation. Sheila does a number of presentation variations based on content from her “What Color is Your Brain” books. This video example serves as a promo that companies looking for someone to talk about personality issues specifically of interest to professional project managers.

If you are a public speaker or presenter this is an example of how we can take a few excerpts from your live presentation together with your PowerPoint slides (if applicable) and combine it with a prepared voiceover to create a nice promotional video that will provide meeting planners and other potential prospects with an idea of the material you will cover as well as a taste of your presentation style. A video like this is a must have for any professional public speaker.

In the sample below the speaker provided us with a few clips and his biographical information to create this promotional video.

In this sample we used excerpts from a keynote address to sample the speaker’s message.