Music Video Production | Dream Come True | R. Murray

Music video production for Boom Shot Records. "Dream Come True" featuring Rohan "Indian" Murray with D.J. Donnie Silk distributed by VPAL Music.

Our third music video production for Chicago’s Boom Shot Records is “Dream Come True” featuring Rohan “Indian” Murray with D.J. Donnie Silk distributed by VPAL Music. The song by Murray has a classic reggae vibe with a breakout rap by Silk giving it a more current spin in what might be a signature touch by producer Tony “Big Red” Aiken.

From a video production POV we started with an overdub of Indian, Silk and lead guitarist Martindale Olive performing on the lakefront to give it an Island feel. Later we shot some cutaways around a nearby Chicago area landmark as well as another overdub in front of a concession stand in Rogers Park painted a perfect Caribbean blue. The beautiful “Jahquea” posed as the “Dream Come True” providing the requisite eye candy. Friends and crew helped fill in the background.

While working on the video I was able to identify what I thought would be the perfect image for the song’s cover. So I had the privilege to create that graphic as well. This included a fair amount of graphics editing. Luckily I am fairly adept at PaintShopPro, a Corel alternative to Photoshop that I have been using for many years. Fixing and creating graphics is an often necessary part of many video productions. I am lucky to be able to handle most of what we require in-house. This is another advantage of using Reno Lovison Marketing – for video production services.

For those interested in such things here is a side by side comparison of the original frame and final cover art.

Original frame from video.

Final song cover art.

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Blog post, music video and cover art graphic by Reno Lovison.