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Marketing encompasses everything you do to ready your product or service for market. This includes all of your client communications, promotions, sales, packaging, pricing, certain aspects of production, customer service and advertising.
My clients often have a specific marketing goal in mind but find it is necessary to solve another issue or meet another challenge before that goal can be attained. For that reason we draw on our experience and strategic partnerships to assist you in getting all of the required pieces in place.
Our business is tailored to meet the needs of our clients. We do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing.We have worked with clients large and small for over twenty-five years helping to improve their marketing mix and achieve overall business success.We believe in utilizing the best tools and techniques that are most appropriate for each client to meet their particular challenges.
Our specialty is video and multi-media production, having produced hundreds of video presentations, podcasts, PowerPoint presentations plus countless printed brochures, catalogs and reports.We have developed dozens of websites including several database driven sites utilizing PHP/MySQL, javascript, Flash and other dynamic components.

Reno Lovison Marketing has conducted and contributed to hundreds of specialized business events including dinner meetings, symposiums and trade-shows.We have consulted with clients to determine pricing strategies, create promotional plans, sales strategies and full blown business plans.We have edited or written press releases, promotional pieces, business letters, direct mail & email letters and edited, contributed to or co-authored several printed books, audio books and e-books.We have produced and presented over 200 training programs either person-to-person or utilizing webinar technologies.

Our strategy is to find the best solution to every challenge then assemble the talent required to execute the tasks necessary for success.

Whether you are looking to define your overall business strategy or accomplish a short term objective, we are available to help you reach your marketing goals.

Our ideal client has a well defined product or service with a proven track record and a need to improve their company’s market share.

If you are ready for a business consultation designed to seek specific marketing advice. Go ahead and schedule a conference using the “Clarity” widget on the left.

If you want information about how to proceed to create a video for your business or just need general information about our services please call the number below.

Either way we are always anxious to talk with you and assist with your ideas.

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