Expert Video and Youtube Channel for Personal Growth Energy Healer




In this case we produced a series of “Expert Videos” in our studio. This is a process where we interview the subject matter expert (off camera) in order to have him or her talk naturally and extemporaneously about his or her topic.

From this session we will often get anywhere from three to six short videos that enable the expert’s potential clients to better understand their service, how they deliver their service and how they can be helpful.

This type of video helps build rapport necessary to make a connection and allows the viewer to move through the material in a sequence that makes sense to them.

In addition we setup a youtube channel for the client which included a custom header s well as appropriate keyword tags and search engine optimization.

Richard Damien


“Reno Lovison is a renaissance man. I have known him for years.He created a trailer for my book A MONK IN THE WORLD. Reno also produced the promotional video for my work.

Combining directing, editing and technological savvy with grounded strategies for success, Reno Lovison offers the winning, perfect combination.