Entrepreneurship Workshop Online

This is a complimentary entrepreneurship workshop training presented by Robert J Calvin. Video produced by RenoWeb.net Reno Lovison Marketing Chicago.

Entrepreneurship Demystified Online Workshop and Video Series This project consisted of videotaping and editing a series of seminars conducted by Robert J. Calvin on the topic of entrepreneurship. The presenter is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and the material is a sample of the information he includes as part of his curriculum.

Aside from the video presentation my objective also included providing the client with a simple website to act as a launch pad for the workshop. The video series is free but we wanted to be able to collect a little data on the participants. So to meet the objective we used a simple third party form creation and data capture service. Once the participants register they are given a link to the entire presentation.

This is something many content creators want to do and we are prepared to help make that happen.

Watch the introduction video or to register for the free entrepreneurship seminar click this link or click on the screen shot graphic.


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