Chicago Commercial Cable Video Production

Since 2012 we have produced two broadcast television series for Chicago cable channel 25 which provides a cost sensitive alternative for video producers who provide COMMERCIAL  CONTENT. This is different from CANTV (Channels 19 & 21) cable access that provides a broad array of NON-COMMERCIAL content. To be clear РРon channel 25 you can promote your business and broadcast traditional style 30 second and one minute commercials.

Currently on Chicago cable channel 25 (RCN/Comcast/WOW in the city limits) you can view “Authors Showcase” on Thursdays at 8PM and “A Peek Inside the Door” Thursdays at 7:30. Alternatively both shows can be seen at Youtube and on their respective websites as well.

The objeABC-showcase[1401] (2).Movie_Snapshotctive of “Authors Showcase” is to give a voice to independent self-published authors and small publishers who would otherwise have limited exposure to a broad audience of potential readers. The show also serves to inspire individuals who might be interested in writing or authoring a book of their own. Since we have produced over 100 book video trailers the show serves to showcase some of the book trailers we have produced for our authors and publishing clients.

“A Peek Inside the Dooshorline-restaurantr” is produced by us on behalf of our client which is a website devoted to the promotion of Door County Wisconsin as a travel destination, using this video cable format to specifically target potential Chicago visitors.

In 2016 we plan to introduce a new program “Business Casual” to provide a voice to small business owners, entrepreneurs and micro businesses who because of cost are typically excluded from using broadcast television to extend their message. The 30 minute program will be a discussion format with 12-18 minutes devoted to a featured guest sponsor. The season will be comprised of five episodes presented in a rotating schedule twice weekly which means that over the 5 month schedule each episode will be aired a minimum of 8 times. In addition the “sponsor” and other advertisers will have one minute segments that will air a total of 42 times. For specific details and costs please contact us.

There are over 425,000 cable households in the City of Chicago (not including suburbs) which comprise nearly 1 million potential viewers all living within the city limits. Good strategic partners would be those who appeal to a broad citywide audience. Such as banks, restaurants, and groceries, with multiple locations; or brands with wide appeal like insurance companies, healthcare providers, food or other household brands. Maybe a local craft beer or other specialty service providers like attorneys, builders, re-modellers, realtors, home repair or auto dealers, auto repair; and any business or home services.

Our goal is to create a strong presence on Cable 25 that is Chicago centric and provides a meaningful opportunity for clients and advertisers who want an economical option to be seen in the Chicago television market. We are interested to hear from advertisers who are interested in sponsoring specific shows as well as companies, organizations and individuals who might be interesting in having their own series produced. At the moment we are also discussing the possibility of a “Chicago Blues Show” and a “Better Health Show”. So feel free to contact us with your ideas.