Public Speaker Promotional Video Production

If you are a public speaker or presenter this is an example of how we can take a few excerpts from your live presentation together with your PowerPoint slides (if applicable) and combine it with a prepared voice over to create a nice promotional video production that will provide meeting planners and other potential prospects with an idea of the material you will cover as well as a taste of your presentation style. A video  like any of these is a must have for every professional public speaker.

The public relations director for speaker and former NFL player Dr. Robert Watts provided me with a number of video clips that I edited and assembled in to the promo video below.

In the sample below the speaker provided us with a few clips and his biographical information to produce this promotional video.

In this sample we used excerpts from a keynote address to sample the speaker’s message.

Professional Speaker / Trainer Video Production

The PR director for this California based author and leadership coach provided me with a number of video clips and DVDs. It was my task to utilize these assets to fashion a story, write a script and use my voice-over to present Dr. Watts as speaker and trainer. In this case the segment of him dancing…

Conference Video Production Promo With Animated Intro

This is a short promo we produced showing excerpts from a Workers Health & Safety Conference we videotaped in Connecticut. The conference was presented as four one-and-a-half-hour sessions over two days to a group of construction industry delegates from China and involved a translator. We recorded each session then added the PowerPoint slides in post production. The final version was delivered a few weeks later to the seminar attendees and other stakeholders as a DVD set to serve as a review and to share the content with their staff. In this promo I took the animated intro we produced and used it as a background, superimposing excerpts from the conference as a picture-in-picture on top.

I cannot say enough great things about Reno, and the services he provided, both before, during and after our conference. Reno is a highly valued, ongoing asset to our team, not only providing video and writing services but overall communication guidance and spot-on strategic input as well. He is an experienced, professional & creative thinker who is reliable and easy to work with. It was both a privilege and pleasure to work with Reno, and we have made plans to incorporate his services into our future projects. – Ed Lai,

Tell Your Web Visitors What You Do

This video was produced to promote an online business seminar. It’s important when your visitors come to your website that they can immediately understand what you have to offer. A video like this can give your message quickly and effectively. We typically describe this type of video as the website “essential video” that quickly tell…

Video Ideas for Writers, Authors & PR Practitioners

Seminar Presented by Reno LovisonSome ideas on how to use video to extend your message and promote your practice if you are a professional writer, public relations practitioner or author. This is a short 12 minute video  excerpt of a 90 minute program “Beyond the Printed Word” presented for the Midwest Writers Association at the…

Entrepreneurship Workshop Online

Screen shot promo of Entrepreneurship Demystified online Workshop with video thumbnail of presenter Bob Calvin

This is a complimentary entrepreneurship workshop training presented by Robert J Calvin. Video produced by Reno Lovison Marketing Chicago. This project consisted of videotaping and editing a series of seminars conducted by Robert J. Calvin on the topic of entrepreneurship. The presenter is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of…

Green Theme – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Customizable Generic Video

We produced this video to be customizable for a client looking to promote an environmentally friendly “Green” education theme.

This video is very usable as-is however it is also very flexible. This uses a chroma key for video outside the window, which means that the outside video can be easily swapped. Titles can be changed to customize message. Timing, pan and zoom can be easily altered. Chalkboard provides perfect canvas for green message.

Client can request changes from me, use as-is or have the chroma-key version to swap their own outside video. Also available with or without music and effects.

Training Center

This is a very simple video that I like because it utilizes only one image. In this case it introduces users to the client’s new online training center offering tutorials for their custom software.

To accomplish this we created a custom image of a training room. Each screen displays one of the icons we used for each of the online training modules.

There are several proprietary training modules utilizing voice-over, screen shots and live screen captures. We can share samples on request.

If you have backend software that can benefit from a few online tutorials to help your client’s better understand how to take advantage of its features we can help.