Video Production Portfolio

Conference Video Production Promo With Animated Intro

This is a short promo we produced showing excerpts from a Workers Health & Safety Conference we videotaped in Connecticut. The conference was presented as four one-and-a-half-hour sessions over two days to a group of construction industry delegates from China and involved a translator. We recorded each session then added the PowerPoint slides in post production. The final version was delivered a few weeks later to the seminar attendees and other stakeholders as a DVD set to serve as a review and to share the content with their staff. In this promo I took the animated intro we produced and used it as a background, superimposing excerpts from the conference as a picture-in-picture on top.

I cannot say enough great things about Reno, and the services he provided, both before, during and after our conference. Reno is a highly valued, ongoing asset to our team, not only providing video and writing services but overall communication guidance and spot-on strategic input as well. He is an experienced, professional & creative thinker who is reliable and easy to work with. It was both a privilege and pleasure to work with Reno, and we have made plans to incorporate his services into our future projects. – Ed Lai,

Edgewater Art Fair | Chicago

Promo for 2016 Edgewater Arts Festival This video is displayed as visual signage 24/7 in two storefront windows in the community to promote the 2016 event and is broadcast numerous times on Chicago cable channel 19. Musical Highlights from 2015 Festival  

Book Style Video Intro / Outro

This video intro / outro is a book style that unfolds to reveal your video or message. We can customize this video with your own logo or message ready for you to add to the beginning or end of any or all of your videos.

Search Engine Style Intro or Outro

This video clip showing your keywords being typed into a Google search box then resulting in your company name or logo is a nice intro or outro that can be added to all of your video productions. In this way you remind your viewers of your primary business product or service.

Social Media Outros

This is a nice Outro ( or intro) that encourages your video viewers to engage with you on social media. Consider adding something like this to the end of all of your videos. We can make it for you.

This video is specifically designed to encourage people to engage with you on LinkedIN. It can be added to the end of a promotional video production or used as a standalone. When I am networking I encourage new people I have met to connect with me at LinkedIn and this video is small enough to email.

Video Intro / Outro or Transition High Tech Arrows

This Video Intro / Outro with high tech arrows motif can also be used as a transition when moving between scenes in your video. It has three customizable text areas that we can change to reflect your company message.

Video Logo Transition with Diagonal Stripes

Video Logo Transition with Diagonal Stripes is perfect when you have multiple segments in your video and you want to give a shoutout with your company or message while you change the scene. Check it out!

Video Production for Boutique & Swimwear Store

This is a video we produced for a boutique & swimwear store. The objective is to drive home the brand name while emphasizing that they specialize in swimwear and cater to all ages. A challenge with fashion is to keep it fresh so in this case we did not dwell on specific items but rather opted to project the vacation aspect of the store and establish the location so that when people see it they will feel they are familiar with this location.