Video Production Portfolio

Grandma’s Gift

Wine Company : Tasked to create a video using the theme “No Wimpy Wines” we created this storyline where Grandma is having a house party.  A visitor brings a wine that is not Grandma’s preference.  

Going Home

Wine Company: In this example our task was to present a video for a wine company. We decided to make a play off of a local Chicago street with the same name as the company. In this scenario we see a fellow returning from work.  As the story begins, he is disembarking from the train…

Music Teacher Training Session

Julie Lovison, Director of The Lake Shore Music Studio in Chicago presents a workshop to a group of piano teachers on the subject of using the tune Frere Jacques to explore musical dynamics.


Bathroom Remodeling

This was created for a bath remodeling client. It was produced with the subject matter expert speaking in front of a green screen. In post-production we added a still shot provided by the client as a background as well as still shot cutaways as transitions and to cover edits.


Help for Talking Head Videos

This is an example of a rather routine video submitted by an out-of-state client. He basically recorded it looking into his laptop camera. I took his raw video and cropped it to minimize the distracting background. We then created a template or visual context for the video to play in, so that the viewer has more to look at than a boring “talking head”. The template also gives an area to display bullet points and reinforce the verbal message. Let me know if you have some talking-head video we can spruce up and give them a new life and give your message a better chance for success.

Have Fun Encouraging Video Fantasy

This assignment was to have people tell about their favorite costume fantasy as a way to  engage viewers and showcase various costume choices. It also gave us an opportunity to play off of the client’s company name. By presenting the videos inside of a template we created a place to show an example of the…

Activation Fitness Testimonials

This health and fitness provider sent me two testimonial they had shot. I edited them appropriately and inserted them into the iPhone frame as well as a cutom template to give it better production value and improved presentation.

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