Healthcare and Wellness

Weight Loss Anti-Aging Expert Video

This client is a 70+ year old, weight loss and anti-aging expert. We videotaped a session in my studio using a green screen. I added an amorphous graphical background in post production based on the color scheme that the client felt best suited his complexion. This is an example of an expert series where we…

Holistic Healthcare

This is an example of an onsite video production with action cutaways illustrating the array of services offered by this local service provider of chiropractic and holistic medicine. The goal of the video is to help potential patients understand the treatment approach, and feel comfortable with the practitioners as well as the environment in which they will receive treatment.

Activation Fitness Testimonials

This health and fitness provider sent me two testimonial they had shot. I edited them appropriately and inserted them into the iPhone frame as well as a cutom template to give it better production value and improved presentation.

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