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Multiple Videos from One Production Session

Cost Saving Social Media Video Marketing Tip We are always looking for ways to offer lower cost to our clients by finding some economy of scale when producing video. One of the best strategies we have found is to create multiple videos during one video production session. Here are three case histories where we were…

Two Short Restaurant Video Productions

Brothers Armando and Nino operate Fish Creek Grill in (you guessed it) Fish Creek and Summer Kitchen in Sister Bay both in Door County Wisconsin. Here are two quickie video productions we did in conjunction with for their review page and are perfect for a website, facebook or social media.

Coffee Shop Web Video Production

Coffee is a huge retail food category today. This is a nice web video we produced that showcase what this shop has to offer and how they are different from their nearby competitors.

Chicago Restaurant Video Production | Merla’s Kitchen

We produced this video for a Chicago neighborhood restaurant specializing in Filipino cuisine. Take a look at some of our other examples and call or email us to get details of how we can produce an economical promotional video for your restaurant website.

Merla’s Kitchen Kimball & Foster Chicago Northside.

Who’s There? – The Raven

Wine Company: For this project we were tasked to create a video using the theme “No Wimpy Wines”.  The approach this time was to make a play on the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven. The video is a visualization of the poem with a voice over narration. We see a glass of wine off…

Grandma’s Gift

Wine Company : Tasked to create a video using the theme “No Wimpy Wines” we created this storyline where Grandma is having a house party.  A visitor brings a wine that is not Grandma’s preference.  

Going Home

Wine Company: In this example our task was to present a video for a wine company. We decided to make a play off of a local Chicago street with the same name as the company. In this scenario we see a fellow returning from work.  As the story begins, he is disembarking from the train…