Art & Music

Clash of Art & Commerce

This is a video produced for fun at the Ravenswood Artwalk in Chicago. The idea was to demonstrate the clash or maybe the merger of art and commerce. I asked a number random artists who I encountered to “Show me their business card”. As the author of “Turn Your Business Card Into Business” I thought it would be interesting to see how artists as entrepreneurs use business cards to promote the entrepreneurial aspect of their artistic activities. It’s also interesting because you can say that business cards are a visual medium so it is interesting to see how visual artists choose to represent themselves on these small “canvases.”

Digital Recorder for Your Music Studio

This is an example of a product video produced for Superscope Technologies to introduce their new PSD450 Mark II digital recorder. It was shot at The Lake Shore Music Studio, Chicago featuring (my wife) Julie Lovison and one of her talented piano students.

Showing your product in action is a compelling way to demonstrate its features. This digital recorder has a number of useful applications, one of which is the value of recording a music lesson so that both the student or teacher can review the performance and recommendations for improvement between lessons.

Art Exhibit Koehnline Museum – Sandra Holubow

Chicago Artist Sandy Holubow conducts a tour of her work at a joint exhibit titled “Unforgettable Places, Memorable People” with artist Judith Roth presented by the Koehnline Museum of Art, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, Illinois. .

In this case the artist originally simply wanted to preserve the experience of having her work presented at the museum, but I showed her how we could extend the experience by creating a production that was more informative and enriching than what the average gallery visitor encountered.

I edited a one hour and a 30 minute version both of which are available online and have been broadcast numerous times over several months on Chicago cable channels 19 and 21. In this way the artist’s work is presented to a larger audience over a longer period of time. This is one way in which video can extend an experience which would have otherwise been over in a week and reached only a limited amount of people.


“(Reno) I can tell you put a lot of work into this.  I think you’re VERY talented, and I’m very impressed. Not just because of what I saw on the video, but because you made me feel so very comfortable, I was ABLE to talk about the works freely.” Sandra Holubow – Artist

Music Education Student Voices Series

This is a series of video I produced and edited for my wife’s piano school blog. They are what I would term “video composites” that use sections within the video frame to tell a broader story and brand the video. In each example we see a still shot of each student’s recital picture as well…

Music Teacher Training Session

Julie Lovison, Director of The Lake Shore Music Studio in Chicago presents a workshop to a group of piano teachers on the subject of using the tune Frere Jacques to explore musical dynamics.