Video Marketing Strategies

Artist Profile Video Production

If you are an artist, people are likely first drawn to your work but they soon want to know more about you. They want to understand a little about your technique and something about why you do what you do. This is true about musicians, actors, and visual artists as well as other creative individuals.…

Promo Video for Chicago Earth Day Event

Sue Baugh and book cover for Echoes of Eart

This is a very quick promo video utilizing a PDF flyer produced for a 2017 Earth Day event held at “Let Them Eat Chocolate” in Chicago and co-sponsored by A good example of how we can help you create quick cost effective social media video for event promotion or other business promotion. *Graphics and…

Facebook LIVE Video Production

For about ten years I have been shooting a lot of hospitality related video in the summer on behalf of my client This year we began to experiment with LIVE Facebook video. If you are not up-to-speed with this I’ll briefly explain that FB allows users to broadcast LIVE video via their FB app…

When Good Social Media Marketing Goes Bad.

When creating social media buzz, be sure you are well positioned for people to know who you are, what you do, where you do it and how they can connect with you. Don’t let your social media effort take a bad turn. I was just completing my Monday morning social media perusal of Facebook and…

Video Social Media Marketing Strategy

Here is one way to create an effective video social media marketing strategy. The task here was to create several videos that would provide multiple points of entry to the client’s website. The objective is to promote the brand while enhancing the client’s youtube channel presence, and improve overall search engine optimization (SEO) through social…

Explainer Video Production is now producing explainer style videos that can help you easily and economically produce content oriented video. Using these text based videos you can repurpose blog posts into video; create video top 10 Lists; FAQ videos and other simple video messages that will make your content portable and easy to consume. Your web visitors will be able to find you on youtube, watch your message from their smartphone and tablets and have the advantage of the spoken word when applicable.

Text based explainer videos can be text only or use computer generated text to speech voice-over as a budget priced and rapid application alternative. We can always provide both in-house real human voice-over and custom talent as needed.

There are currently six template styles that can be modified in a number of ways.

There is no end to the custom options available. Just tell us what you would like. But first take a look at some of our samples then call, or email the content you want to present. We’ll give you a great price with quick turnaround.

The sample included here utilizes the whiteboard option and our in-house voice-over.