Modern Product Page – Excerpt from Website Magazine

To make the virtual shopping experience even more realistic, retailers should add videos to their product pages. Videos are not only more informative than images, but they also provide consumers with a better idea of how a product works and how it looks when it’s in-use. Fitbit, for example, offers short videos on its product…

Business Networking Event at the Roots Room

As the author of “Business Card to Business” I moderate a monthly general business networking group in Chicago. This month we gathered at the Roots Room which is a local artist development center providing a venue for up and coming musicians. The room is also available for parties and special events. This month we used…

Authors Showcase Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary

To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Authors Showcase I decided to step in front of the camera in an effort to better explain to our viewers the objective the show and in an attempt to encourage people to connect with us and share their thoughts about the program. “Authors Showcase” is an extension of AuthorsBroadCast.com and is produced by Reno Lovison Marketing RenoWeb.net. We produce one show per month which is broadcast every Thursday at 8PM on Chicago cable channel 25 and available online 24/7 at Youtube or AuthorsBroadcast.com. Interested viewers can also download the Authors Broadcast app at iPhone or Google.Play to see the program via your smartphone or tablet.

Entrepreneurship Workshop Online

Screen shot promo of Entrepreneurship Demystified online Workshop with video thumbnail of presenter Bob Calvin

This is a complimentary entrepreneurship workshop training presented by Robert J Calvin. Video produced by RenoWeb.net Reno Lovison Marketing Chicago. This project consisted of videotaping and editing a series of seminars conducted by Robert J. Calvin on the topic of entrepreneurship. The presenter is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of…

Journalists Want Your Video

A Proactive Report survey by Sally Falkow, president of PRESSfeed: The Social Newsroom found that journalists regard images (and video) important, but only 38 percent of PR pros add these to the news content they submit. Are you submitting video with your press releases? Why not? “Viewers have come to expect videos”, Falkow says. Journalists…

Facebook vs Youtube as Advertising Opportunity

Facebook vs Youtube as Advertising Opportunity

Here is a very succinct and salient video that explains why your Facebook page is not converting for you as an advertising medium and why video and more specifically YouTube is in a growth mode.

Video Views Not All About the Numbers

When judging success regarding your video it is not all about the numbers or going viral. Big brands want to produce video that gets shared and viewed by tens of thousands of people. Of course that is fun and exciting; but most small businesses only need their video to be seen by a targeted group…