Mobile App Features and Promotional Video Production

Video thumbnail for Family Worship Center Mobile App promo

Here are a few videos we produced for a joint venture client who produces mobile apps and specialized in apps for business, elected officials, musicians and faith based organizations. We produced a promotional video to help the company introduce the benefits of their product and promotional video that the churches can use to introduce their…

Digital Recorder for Your Music Studio

This is an example of a product video produced for Superscope Technologies to introduce their new PSD450 Mark II digital recorder. It was shot at The Lake Shore Music Studio, Chicago featuring (my wife) Julie Lovison and one of her talented piano students.

Showing your product in action is a compelling way to demonstrate its features. This digital recorder has a number of useful applications, one of which is the value of recording a music lesson so that both the student or teacher can review the performance and recommendations for improvement between lessons.

Training Center

This is a very simple video that I like because it utilizes only one image. In this case it introduces users to the client’s new online training center offering tutorials for their custom software.

To accomplish this we created a custom image of a training room. Each screen displays one of the icons we used for each of the online training modules.

There are several proprietary training modules utilizing voice-over, screen shots and live screen captures. We can share samples on request.

If you have backend software that can benefit from a few online tutorials to help your client’s better understand how to take advantage of its features we can help.



Education Technology Product Launch

This client wanted to have their CEO launch the “cloud” version of their education technology software.

We shot it in a studio on a green screen which allowed us to lay in the company logo as the background.

The idea was to somewhat affect the look of a staged event roll out. So we opted for multiple camera angles and quick cuts.