Animation Video

Conference Video Production Promo With Animated Intro

This is a short promo we produced showing excerpts from a Workers Health & Safety Conference we videotaped in Connecticut. The conference was presented as four one-and-a-half-hour sessions over two days to a group of construction industry delegates from China and involved a translator. We recorded each session then added the PowerPoint slides in post production. The final version was delivered a few weeks later to the seminar attendees and other stakeholders as a DVD set to serve as a review and to share the content with their staff. In this promo I took the animated intro we produced and used it as a background, superimposing excerpts from the conference as a picture-in-picture on top.

I cannot say enough great things about Reno, and the services he provided, both before, during and after our conference. Reno is a highly valued, ongoing asset to our team, not only providing video and writing services but overall communication guidance and spot-on strategic input as well. He is an experienced, professional & creative thinker who is reliable and easy to work with. It was both a privilege and pleasure to work with Reno, and we have made plans to incorporate his services into our future projects. – Ed Lai,

Graphic Novel Effect | Book Video Trailer |

This is not exactly an animation but rather an example of how we combined original artwork from the client and mixed it together with photographs that we cartooned to create a kind of graphic novel effect for this book trailer. You can see some more of our book video trailers at  

Environmentally friendly video | Green Theme | Customizable

This is an environmentally friendly animation produced using a static graphic image of a classroom with books piled high. I added titles on the books such as reduce, reuse and recycle. The windows were chromakeyed to enable me to add a video image outside the window. In this case the moving windmills. I added titles and a slow zoom to the chalkboard with the idea that a client could add their environmentally friendly message on the board. Let me know if you’re interested in using this video. It is available and can be modified for a specific client.


Animation Video Collaboration

This is a fun animation video collaboration with Dave Powell of Dave animated the pinup girl and I put her on the deck,added the video background, slow zoom and sepia effect. Talk to me about how you might mix video with animation to animate your logo, provide an animated spokesperson or otherwise add some…