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Mobile App Features and Promotional Video Production

Video thumbnail for Family Worship Center Mobile App promo

Here are a few videos we produced for a joint venture client who produces mobile apps and specialized in apps for business, elected officials, musicians and faith based organizations. We produced a promotional video to help the company introduce the benefits of their product and promotional video that the churches can use to introduce their…

Video Splash Page Production

We can create a Video Splash Page that will help you convert more sales for your product, service or special event. Take a look at this example that uses a video supplied by our client which we edited and formatted to emphasize their message. Click on our Putting Your Video in Context category to see…

Tell Your Web Visitors What You Do

This video was produced to promote an online business seminar. It’s important when your visitors come to your website that they can immediately understand what you have to offer. A video like this can give your message quickly and effectively. We typically describe this type of video as the website “essential video” that quickly tell…

Holistic Healthcare

This is an example of an onsite video production with action cutaways illustrating the array of services offered by this local service provider of chiropractic and holistic medicine. The goal of the video is to help potential patients understand the treatment approach, and feel comfortable with the practitioners as well as the environment in which they will receive treatment.

Going Home

Wine Company: In this example our task was to present a video for a wine company. We decided to make a play off of a local Chicago street with the same name as the company. In this scenario we see a fellow returning from work.  As the story begins, he is disembarking from the train…

Book Video Trailers

AuthorsBroadCast.com logo Produce & Display Book Video Trailers

Reno Lovison Marketing produces and displays book video trailers through our sister site AuthorsBroadcast.com. Book trailers are short videos typically less than two minutes in length that are designed to get potential book buyers emotionally involved in a fictional story line or  interested in the facts and ideas presented in a nonfiction title. We also…

Bathroom Remodeling

This was created for a bath remodeling client. It was produced with the subject matter expert speaking in front of a green screen. In post-production we added a still shot provided by the client as a background as well as still shot cutaways as transitions and to cover edits.