Journalists Want Your Video

A Proactive Report survey by Sally Falkow, president of PRESSfeed: The Social Newsroom found that journalists regard images (and video) important, but only 38 percent of PR pros add these to the news content they submit. Are you submitting video with your press releases? Why not? “Viewers have come to expect videos”, Falkow says. Journalists…

Facebook vs Youtube as Advertising Opportunity

Facebook vs Youtube as Advertising Opportunity

Here is a very succinct and salient video that explains why your Facebook page is not converting for you as an advertising medium and why video and more specifically YouTube is in a growth mode.

Video Views Not All About the Numbers

When judging success regarding your video it is not all about the numbers or going viral. Big brands want to produce video that gets shared and viewed by tens of thousands of people. Of course that is fun and exciting; but most small businesses only need their video to be seen by a targeted group…

Using Experts at Trade Shows and Conferences

I do some marketing consulting for a music publisher, and on the spur of the moment decided to make some quick ad hoc videos with a few composers and arrangers who attended a recent conference. It occurred to me that trade shows, conventions and conferences are a perfect time to “pick the brain” of some of your company or industry experts because they are all available in one place. In this example it was an opportunity for one of the composers to give us a little insight into why he included the arrangements he included in this current collection of music for jazz piano students.

Think about who the experts are in your company, organization or industry and consider getting video clips that you can use to further the understanding of your products or services. Then brand and use them in your marketing materials.


Networking Business Card to Business

Company owner and executive producer Reno Lovison is an avid networker online and offline. As the author of “Turn Your Business Card Into Business – Fundamentals of Building Entrepreneurial Business Relationships”, Reno presents the humble business card as the essential tool for passing your contact information on to new prospects and potential JV partners. “People…

Book Video Trailers logo Produce & Display Book Video Trailers

Reno Lovison Marketing produces and displays book video trailers through our sister site Book trailers are short videos typically less than two minutes in length that are designed to get potential book buyers emotionally involved in a fictional story line orĀ  interested in the facts and ideas presented in a nonfiction title. We also…

Help for Talking Head Videos

This is an example of a rather routine video submitted by an out-of-state client. He basically recorded it looking into his laptop camera. I took his raw video and cropped it to minimize the distracting background. We then created a template or visual context for the video to play in, so that the viewer has more to look at than a boring “talking head”. The template also gives an area to display bullet points and reinforce the verbal message. Let me know if you have some talking-head video we can spruce up and give them a new life and give your message a better chance for success.