Video Production Chicago | Business Event Video

We specialize in business video optimized for web delivery. So we will videotape and edit live business events such as seminars, trainings, workshops, conventions and trade shows. Sorry but we do not videotape social events such as weddings and parties. Below are excerpts as examples of events we have recorded.

One of our clients is a condominium management company that hosts periodic educational events. We record those events and post them to their youtube channel and their website for condo owners and board members to reference.


Here is an excerpt from a two day event for and about people who are hearing impaired. It was a two camera shoot where we combined a visual of the speaker as well as the person who was transliterating for those who could not hear. In addition we laid in a caption track in post production as well as PowerPoint slides as needed. The final edited product was distributed as a set of DVDs. We also designed and executed the cover art, managed the duplication and delivered a finished packaged product to the client. This was 12 hours of video in a 6 DVD Set.


Here is a humble video but an example of a situation that comes up regularly. The client in this case had some dubious video of a seminar that was shot on-the-fly. The audio is acceptable and content was useful and important so we were able to tighten it up with some edits and lay in some screen shots to improve the projected screen share which was fairly fuzzy to begin with. In this way we were able to take advantage of this extemporaneous seminar and make use of the content for people who were not able to attend.



This client was in Chicago to finalize the publication of his book and wanted to do an online global launch. So we facilitated the live streaming of his book launch presented in front of a small audience at a local hotel, with worldwide Internet attendees in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. We simultaneously recorded it so that he could post it on youtube and on his website.


This client was in Chicago exhibiting at music industry trade show and hired us to produce a video presentation of their product line. This is an ideal way to “extend the experience” of your exhibit. After all your company has invested a good deal of resources to transport samples and display them at an event. In most cases the best people are on-hand and available to talk about  the products presented. This is a perfect opportunity to share product knowledge with clients, customers and prospects who are unable to attend and also to create newsworthy content that you can share on social media. is the video production arm of and as such we have recorded a number of book related events. The video is used as content for the Authors Showcase TV program broadcast weekly on Chicago cable channel 25. Here is an example of one of the events. You can find more examples at .