Book Video Trailers


Reno Lovison Marketing produces and displays book video trailers through our sister site

Book trailers are short videos typically less than two minutes in length that are designed to get potential book buyers emotionally involved in a fictional story line or  interested in the facts and ideas presented in a nonfiction title.

We also produce “Authors Showcase” a  30 minute TV show featuring new books and authors broadcast weekly on Chicago cable channel 25 (RCN/Comcast/Wow). We produce one new show a month. It can also bee seen continuously at Youtube.

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Daniel Tepke

Daniel Tepke, Author : Hatching the Million-Dollar Business Idea

Looking for a real professional to help you with your video efforts? Reno delivers outstanding work he engages himself fully in your project to gain understanding of you, your project and your market. Once he has a full understanding his scripting is right on target, the video work is superior in every way. He personality is perfect fit for this type of work; great listener, excellent technician, easy to work with, fun, intelligent, great perceptive and understand the importance of execution.