Artist Profile Video Production

If you are an artist, people are likely first drawn to your work but they soon want to know more about you. They want to understand a little about your technique and something about why you do what you do. This is true about musicians, actors, and visual artists as well as other creative individuals. Afterall people admire you for your talent and for the fact that you have the courage and ability to express your creative vision.

For this reason it is important that you as an artist take the opportunity to share something of yourself with your followers. Give them a peek behind the curtain. Give them a glimpse into your thought process and into your production process. From a business point-of-view this will go a long way toward building your fanbase, cultivating new clients and encouraging repeat buyers.

Like any other business relationship, if the buyer feels they have some rapport with you they are more likely to recommend you to their friends and feel more like they want to create a deeper relationship with you through additional acquisitions.

As an artist you might say something such as, “My art speaks for me.” Well this is true but it is also what has drawn someone to you. Additional information may lead to deeper understanding and a more meaningful relationship.

If you have said all you want to say you would only create one great masterpiece and that would be that. But by exhibiting an overview of your work you provide more information. Each piece is a like a chapter in a book. That is what gallery exhibits do.

The problem with a gallery exhibit is that they can be difficult to organize and they typically only last a short while. A video of your exhibit allows a greater number of people to engage with you and your work over an extended period of time. It also serves to document works that might later be sold, destroyed or otherwise lost.

If you add a personal narrative to your video you engage the viewer even more and build an even stronger connection.

We produce Artist Profile Videos that can be used on your website, promoted via social media or used in conjunction with your exhibit providing a kind of virtual tour. We have also been successful in broadcasting them on local cable TV channels to promote upcoming events or just to educate and inform the public about artists in their community.

Take a look at these video production examples to get an idea of how you might use video to promote yourself, your work or your studio / gallery.

The following two videos were produced as part of series promoting an exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center to commemorate the Illinois Bicentennial in 2018.

This video was produced in conjunction with the artist’s exhibit at an art museum.

These are all longer format video designed to fit a traditional TV spot and have been used as such.

You can provide a longer format video like this as a DVD or on a thumb drive for sale or as a bonus when someone buys one of your works.

This provides information of how an individual work of art fits into the context of the artist’s complete body of work.

Shorter segments can be extrapolated and used on a website in conjunction with a specific work or to create social media content that can be used as teasers to create a continuous engagement with your fans and followers.


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